Monday, June 3, 2013

Made It Monday with the Kiddos

Linking up today for my first Monday Made It of the summer!  
My kids and I are making the most of this summer by giving each day a specific task and it just so happens that Monday is our Make It day! :)

Today we made Jolly Rancher suckers.  You've probably seen them floating around Pinterest.

You will need:
 Jolly Ranchers
Sucker sticks
Parchment Paper

Unwrap the Jolly Ranchers and put them in groups of three on a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Leave room between each group of candies so they don't all melt into one gigantic Jolly Rancher.

Here, Bear is organizing his candies before he puts them on the tray.

Candies are ready for the oven.  Heat your oven to 275 degrees and bake in oven for 6 minutes.
When time is up, place a sucker stick into each candy.  Give it a little twist to help stay put.

Our finished product! Yum!

Want to know what else or how we organize our summer fun?  I borrowed the premise for my idea here, but tweaked it to fit our days and our desires.  The kids are asking everyday, "What day is it?  What does that mean we are going to do today?"  They are really staying motivated to follow the schedule, so I thought a little visual would help them remember and help me plan what we are going to do each day.  Feel free to borrow this if you like :)  To download a printable click here!

And finally, calling all special ed. teachers!  Don't forget to go by my TPT store and download my new special education teacher planner!  It is chocked full of organizers to get your new year off on the right foot!  Click the here to be linked to the customizable lesson plan/teacher planner product!  Below you will see the customizable front cover, 1st page of the lesson planner, and a quick reference sheets for IEP goals and benchmarks!




  1. Love your summer fun day schedule! I just shared it with my 3 boys and they are so excited about what our plans are going to be over the next few days. So glad I found your blog!

    Shepherd's Shining Stars

  2. I LOVE those Jolly Rancher suckers! So going to do that! I don't have kids, but WHO wouldn't want to do that!

    Happy Summer!

    Carmen Zeisler

    Exploring Elementary
    Fourth Grade

  3. I love that you made a summer fun schedule!
    Third Grade Tidbits

    1. Thanks! It's the teacher in me, just can't get away from planning and schedules! My kids love it (they're nerdy like their momma!)



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