Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently

So I lied yesterday!  I feel compelled to blog April's Currently before I leave for the mountains with the family.  Everyone here is still asleep, so I was just having a little quiet time when I saw the new Currently by Farley being posted on some of my favorite blogs! A girl can't miss this! :)

Listening:  I love days when I get to watch the Today Show.  During the school year, I rarely get to see the Today Show unless it is a snow day.  Well, thankfully there is no snow on the ground anymore and it is Spring Break!  This has been a long awaited spring here in the Bluegrass!  

Loving:  Two words:  Spring Break!  No explanation needed here!

Thinking:  Sticking with the Spring Break theme...we are headed to the Smokies!  I can't wait to spend time with the husband, kids, and no agenda!

Wanting:  I am craving some Starbucks this morning!!

Needing:  I need to pack :)  Nothing like waiting until the day of, right?

Hours and Days:  Our school day is from 7:40-2:55.  It usually is only until 2:35, but starting on March 24 we have added 20 minutes to the day to help make up the 19 snow days we missed this year!!  We will get out of school on June 6!  

Have a happy April!!! :)


  1. I'm listening to The Today Show too. Love keeping up with the news! 19 snow days?! Yikes! We had 4 and I thought that was a lot. Enjoy your vaca!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  2. You're going to the mountains!! So jealous!!!

    I miss Spring Break already. Definitely needed a vacation and I just worked haha. So sorry about the 19 snow days! Hopefully this summer treats everyone better and lasts a lot longer!!! Enjoy the mountains :)

    Mrs. Thomas Kinder

  3. Seriously?!?! 19 snow days???? Where do you live? I thought we were bad up here in Minnesota! I'm very envious of your Spring Break...we don't have one...just an extra day near Easter. Enjoy your time with your family in the mountains!
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

    1. LOL! I live in KY! That polar vortex did a number on us this year and unfortunately we are not as prepared for snow as many of our northern friends! I'm thankful that they didn't take spring break!!


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