Saturday, January 31, 2015

Special Education Valentine Blog Hop

Happy Valentine's Month!!  Twenty seven of my best special education blogging buddies and I are teaming up for the month of February to bring you something very special!

We will be offering freebies, ideas and tips to show our love to you this month!  My day is February 3.  Remember to stop by everyday and click on the envelopes on the calendar to receive your something special!

Special Ed Bloggers {puffy heart} our readers!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently January

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the year's first Currently of 2015!

Listening:  So quiet this morning!  I'm just siting here enjoying my Starbucks from my own coffee pot and reveling in the peace.  It's not often that it is quiet around here, so a little solitude is nice.

Loving:  I love breaks!  Winter break, Fall Break, Spring Break, Summer Break...I love them all!! I never want breaks to end. :)

Thinking:  I have been so productive this break.  I have taken a huge load of toys to Goodwill, cleaned out the kids toy room, moved Barrett to a new bedroom, and purged tons of trash, yet the Christmas trees are still up and the decorations are still out.  Oh well!  I enjoy having the house decorated and it is so empty when it is gone.  It's bad luck to take down the decorations before the New Year, right?

Wanting:  A few more days off...:)  See above!

Needing:  I have plans for the room that I cleaned and emptied!  A new office/craft room!  Joe is going to build me a huge craft table.  We have the plans and measurements, now just to get the materials and get to work!

Yes:  I will stay on a budget!  I am going to miss eating out :(  I will love saving money!
Maybe:  I will meal plan.  Of course I will meal plan, I started strong with this last year, but really slacked off :(  My plan is to save money and stick to a do this, I will have to plan our meals.  Here's to starting over...
I wish:  I honestly couldn't think of something I was wishing for...
I guess I just wish that I can stay committed to what I set out to do this year.