Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids with Special Needs

Do you have a child with special needs on your Christmas Gift list?  I scoured the web for you to find some great gift guides for this holiday season!  These are my top 5 places to look for gifts for the special kids on your list!

1.  Here you can find a gift guide for children with special needs categorized by skills that the child may need to work on, such as Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Language and Speech, Social Skills and Self-Esteem, visual and Spatial Perception, Cognitive Skills, Sensory Processing and Oral Motor.
2. Silvia Phillips from offers a great holiday gift guide!  She chooses gifts from all price ranges and ability levels!

3.  Toys R Us is a great resource for finding toys for differently abled children.  They publish a catalog yearly that helps you find toys based on age or skill.  The catalog is beautifully labeled to help you find the perfect gift for your special recipient.

4.  While you're shopping at Toys R Us (or any other toy store for that matter) remember to check out Hasbro's website for games and toys that have modifications, visuals, and directions for making the games and toys more accessible to children with special needs.  This is a must have resource for parents and teachers!!
5. is a wonderful website to find all of your special needs games, activities, and tools.  You will definitely be able to fill your cart up here!

Happy Shopping!