Saturday, November 17, 2012

Angry Birds Fact Sheet (FREEBIE)

This weekend (TOMORROW!!!) I will be presenting at the Kentucky Special Education Conference in Louisville.  I am beyond excited to share my ideas for anger management with like minded individuals.  Even if only one person shows up to my session I will be happy.  Well, I hope more people  than that show up, just sayin'.

I am sharing  my Angry Birds Behavior Management idea.  As you know, I found this fabulous idea from  I adapted the idea to fit the needs of my students that are identified as having social or behavior disorders.

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So...just for fun today I thought I would give you a little freebie from my presentation.  I call these the FACT SHEETS.  Each sheet lists one of the four main birds and contains information about how that emotion (based on the bird) looks, feels, and strategies to cope with that "level" of anger.

Here is the link to the get the full size version of these sheets:
Angry Birds Anger Management FACT SHEETS


I hope you enjoy these and I will let you all know how the conference goes!

One more thing, I just want to say thanks again to thehometeacher for "hatching" a fabulous idea to share and then inspire so many other to make their own.  This anger management unit really helped my kiddos last school year.  I am forever grateful for that and now being able to share with so many others!! :)