Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Oh "Appy" Day: Tech on Tuesday: Back for the New Year (with a Link Up!) & Running Records

Oh Happy Day, friends!! Oh "Appy" Day: Tech on Tuesday is back for the new school year!  I had several comments and people telling me that they enjoyed this series, so this school year not only will I be sharing my favorite apps and other "techy" type posts on Tuesdays, but you will be able to as well!  Every Tuesday link up with me and get "Appy!"  

The beginning of the year always brings collecting baseline data to this special ed teacher's life!  :)

For my reading assessments over the years I have tried different types of assessments--sight word assessments, Fry assessments, comprehension checks...but I always seem to go back to the same assessment...Running Records.  As many of you know from reading this blog, I {heart} Reading A-Z.  Reading A-Z provides me with all of the passages I need for every reading level I need through 5th grade.  Each level has two fiction and two non fiction passages to take a running record along with the recording sheets that are needed to document errors, self corrections, etc.  Here is the downside to running records...more paperwork.  This special ed teacher does not need anymore paperwork!  (Can I get an amen?!)

Here's where my new fave app comes in...Running Records Calculator ($3.99)

5  5 +1 Reasons I love this app:
1.  So simple to use.  To use this app...just hit start!  How much easier could it get?!  The app records the student's voice as he/she reads whatever passage you have available.  
2.  Record errors or self corrections by tapping!  So easy, seriously!  When the student makes a mistake or self correction, simply tap error or self correction.  Easy!
3.  When the reading is finished, tap done and get instant results.  Time, words per minute, accuracy, and self correction rate is all recorded and easy to view right at the top of the screen.
4.  Use on iPhone or iPad!
5.  Email the results to yourself automatically!  You can have (paper or digital) documentation of the running record by tapping email and then typing straight into your email the information needed to document the passage your student read.  
6. There is a lite version of this app that you can try for free! :)

Ok, friends!  It's your turn!  Link up your technology posts below.  It can be an app, tech tutorial, computer program, anything that has to do with technology is a go!

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