Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oh "Appy" Day-Tech on Tuesday: Virtual Manipulatives

Raise your hand if you hate pulling out manipulatives, because a.) The kids want to play with them, b.) the manipulatives fall in the floor and make lots of noise and inevitably one, two or ten of them get lost, or c.) it just takes so long to pull everything out!

Well, fret no more friends!  This app/website will be a lifesaver for many of you!  Virtual Manipulatives through ABCya.com has your answer to your manipulative woes when it comes to fraction bars, decimals and percents!  And the best part...it's FREE!

Available here through ABCya is a great tool to use when teaching students about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and converting fractions to decimals and percents.  You  can use it as a teacher to demonstrate any of these concepts using the fraction tiles we all have in our classroom, but ABCya has made the fraction tiles more engaging and easier to manage by making them high tech!  Another beauty of these virtual manipulatives are that the students can use them too.  Instead of students pulling out the "real" fraction tiles, you can have the app on an iPad ready for the student to use and manipulate right at their desks.

Click the picture above to check out the Virtual Manipulatives

A quick user guide is included to teach you and your students how to use the fraction tiles!

Click the image above for the iPad app!

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