Monday, July 1, 2013

Communication-Teacher Collaboration

The next topic in my series in Communication is with the teachers you work alongside everyday.

Let me begin by reintroducing myself:

I am Mrs. H, I am a special education teacher, and COLLABORATION is my middle name.  :)

This year will be my tenth year teaching and I have been in special education all ten years.  Every year keeps getting better and I feel more and more confident in my ability to deliver special education services to children in their areas of weakness, all while building on their strengths.  One of they keys to make this possible is great collaboration.  I have been fortunate to work with some outstanding teachers throughout my tenure and it has made collaboration and co-teaching a joy and most importantly beneficial to students.

There are 5 Classroom Models of Co-teaching:
Below you will find pictures of each co-teaching model and my simple definition for each model:

The delivery methods and the lessons are obviously incredibly important, but the planning and outside of the classroom collaboration is as equally important.

I created Co-teaching team weekly planning forms to help you and your co-teachers plan and stay organized together.  Click on the picture to download from my TPT store.

In this pack you will find forms for making co-teaching effective and efficient.  The forms include:
Weekly Co-Teaching Planning Sheets
Classroom Teacher IEP Input Sheet
Daily Lesson Plan Planning Sheet
Note Cards (You can use these to send notes to parents, other teachers, administration, etc.)

My suggestion is to copy several copies of each sheet for each teacher that you co-teach with and place in a binder.  You will always have the binder to take with you to your planning meetings.
In my effort to go paperless and reduce the amount of binders I have to keep up with:

I have a little tutorial to share with you....

But you have to wait until tomorrow! :)

To be prepared...if you have an iPad download:
Evernote, Dropbox & GoodReader apps
        Evernote logo

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  1. Love your idea of going paperless...These forms are so fabulous..wish I had a SpedEd teacher in my building, as organized as you!
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