Monday, October 21, 2013

The ABC Guide to Paraprofessionals' Role and Responsibilities

We all have those moments when we have to create something out of necessity, right?  This year, I am the special ed. team leader at my school and this puts me "in charge" of several things.  I have to attend team leader meetings monthly, help my special ed colleagues by giving suggestions on strategies to help kids and also on all of that lovely paperwork, and working with and managing paraprofessionals.  

I can tell you that I scoured the internet looking for something that would be just right to help me show to a paraprofessional that would lay out what their responsibilities within the school setting are.  I came up empty handed.  I figured that if I had this need then others have this need and there is not much help out there.  So, to help you and me, I have created the ABC Guide to Paraprofessionals' Roles and Responsibilities.  This handy guidebook is organized using the alphabet and is written in a user friendly, positive format.  Each letter of the alphabet is a responsibility or a guideline for a paraprofessional to follow (heads-up...some letters have two responsibilities).  A sign-ff page is included at the end for your documentation for training purposes.

The ABC Guide to Paraprofessionals' Roles and Responsibilities

I hope you enjoy and find it very useful!!


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