Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Workshop Wednesday-Word Work

I'm joining up with Ideas by Jivey this week for Workshop Wednesday!  This week the topic is Word Work and how you use it in reader's workshop.

This is my word work area.  The small whiteboard hold the directions for the word work and is also needed sometimes to complete word work.  The two ottomans hold all of the materials needed for word work.  (I scored these ottomans with lift off lids at Target on CLEARANCE!)  
My word work works like this:
Each student is tested on fluency each Monday.  The words that the student misses, becomes a word the student needs to know.  These words are placed on notecards and stored in plastic notecard boxes.  The students also have words from their sight word list.  I use FRY words for sight word practice.  The students have between 10-15 words in their word box.  The students have time in their schedule to work on their individual words.  They are assessed on the words on Fridays.  

See what's inside the ottomans and what activities my kids love to use:

I found these red, zipper bags at the Dollar Tree.  They are perfect for holding word work materials and also fit neatly into the ottomans.  Here you see my Nuts and Bolts activity.  The twist the nuts on the bolts to spell their words.

Stickers and Stamps!

Black paper and Chalk
Foam letters

All activities neatly tucked away.

Also, if you've been reading my blog lately, you know that I discussed my procedures for  teaching resource reading/guided reading.  Each guided reading lesson has a word work component.  Some weeks it may be spelling patterns and other weeks it may be synonyms, antonyms, etc.  I keep any activity sheets and instructions for specific activities in the word work area.  The students are required to complete the weekly guided reading lesson specific activity before they can do a choice word work activity.



  1. I'm loving those ottomans! Target is my favorite anyway, so that's another plus. :-P Thanks for linking up!

  2. Great storage idea, and love the word work activities.

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