Saturday, July 19, 2014

2014 Classroom Setup: Setting Up The Resource Classroom (A Series)

This week is the week I move back into my classroom. If you have been following my blog very long, you know that I moved to a new school last year. It is a beautiful school, a brand new building, but it wasn’t complete at the beginning of last year. Our school was built in two phases. Each phase of the building has classroom (communities) for grades K-5. Phase one was completed last year and our school district went through a redistricting process to direct students to our building. Students and teachers filled up Phase 1 and throughout the course of the year Phase 2 was completed. The school district redistricted students again to fill up our school for the coming year. The end of our school year brought new excitement as we watched the new phase undergo the transformation from nothing to amazing! It also brought a lot of questions. Everyone wondered if they would be the one to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2. Recently, after hiring several new teachers, we found out who gets to move. Guess who is moving?! That’s right! This girl! I am excited about heading to the new phase. It is just like Phase 1, so my classroom is practically the same as the one I was in, but how many teachers can say that they have moved into a brand new classroom two years in a row? Before last year, I never had a classroom of my very own, so although I had a great time planning and decorating my previous room, I have a better idea of space planning and organization. (Or at least I think I do!)  Here is last year's classroom:

So, as this coming week goes I will be sharing with you how I am setting up my resource classroom. I will be focusing on five separate areas (perfect for Monday-Friday blog planning) ;)! Read this week to find out all about the 5 areas I think make a special education/resource room work!  I even made a new bloggy button, just for fun, and so you can Pin/Share and follow my process.


  1. Can't wait to read about your classroom set up! I was able to get into my new room at the end of the school year so I got some things set up. I know I'm going to change up a few things. Can't wait to see your ideas! ~ Lori

  2. I love how you made even the simplest things cute! That what I like to do in my classroom too. Thanks for linking up!


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