Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Letter to Raz-Kids!

This time last year, I was asked to try out Raz-Kids (a leveled reading program available through Learning A-Z) and I must say I am so happy that I accepted the trial!

As my year trial period comes to a close, I thought I would share with my readers my favorite parts of Raz-Kids.

1.  Highly motivating!  My kids love Raz-Kids!  The students I have in reading resource ask to get on Raz-Kids and you will hear no moaning and groaning when I ask them to use the program.  Sometimes, computer based interventions are not that exciting and don't hold a student's attention.  There could be various reasons for this ranging from the program being not interesting to students finding a program too difficult.  (Which leads to #2)  Oh...wait!  Don't forget that cute little robot you can dress up as your earn points for reading the books and passing quizzes! :)

2.  Leveled reading.  Raz-Kids is never too easy or too difficult for my students.  Using the assessment provided with Raz-Kids or available on Reading A-Z, I know exactly the level in which each of my students are working.  Each student has a program individualized just for him or her.

3.  Immediate feedback.  I can track progress immediately and so can the students.  The students immediate see how they are progressing through the books.  The students earn stars and coins that they can use to build and decorate their virtual robot.  I can also send messages of encouragement and bonus stars to my students to let them know I can see how hard they are working, motivate them to keep going, and reward bonus stars to reward them for their efforts.  The data that the teacher sees is also invaluable information!  From sound assessments, to running records, to comprehension scores, I can see exactly how my students are performing and which standards students are hitting or missing.  Guys! This program is aligned to Common Core! You can look right at the quiz skills report and see exactly what standards your student is mastering.

4.  Students make growth!  The teachers can see it, the students can feel it, and the parents can watch as their child's reading ability improves.  I have had parents tell me how much their child love Raz-Kids and that they ask to get on and use it.  One of my tutoring students was so excited about all of the stars he had earned by reading his books and passing a level.  He saved all of his stars to buy something for his robot until the day I tutored him so that he could show me what he was going to buy with the stars earned from his hard work!  Raz-Kids really does make learning fun and the kids are making growth in such a motivating way that reading doesn't even feel like work to even the most struggling student.

5.  Support and training!  Training on how to use all of what is offered on Raz-Kids is right there for you.  If you have a question, there is a probably a video that can teach you exactly what you need to know.  Also, the people working at Learning A-Z have been amazing about answering my questions and incredibly friendly.  They really take pride it what is produced through Learning A-Z and they make quality products that ensure student growth.

6.  Wide range of subjects and interests! There really is something for every student on here!  Fiction and non-fiction, every subject under the sun, Raz-Kids has it all and in every level.  There is no reason for a student to be bored.  There are so many books that even the most reluctant reader is sure to find something they will love.

Raz-Kids: The kids view

7.  Mobile app.  Hello!  We are all using a tablet or a phone these days and Raz-Kids is ready for that, too.  Mobile apps are available for Apple, Amazon, and Android products.  My kids in resource love to use the iPad to access Raz-Kids.  One of my sweets created a recording corner/sound booth to have a private spot to record her readings.  They love wearing the headphone/microphone combination (think Britney Spears headphones) to read and record themselves.
8.  Combine with Reading A-Z for a beautifully blended reading solution!  Reading A-Z is a CODiE Award winning website for teachers with an amazing amount of resources for reading.  Lesson plans, printable and projectable books, quizzes, and Common Core aligned resources make Reading A-Z my go to spot for all things reading in my resource classroom.  Raz-Kids then joins in to deliver hundreds of ebooks with 24 hours access to provide practice to make students better readers!

I really cannot say enough good things about Raz-Kids and Reading A-Z!  If you are looking for a reading solution...look no more!  This is your solution!
Finally, to sum all of my feeling about Raz-Kids, here is a copy of the letter I sent thanking them for their trial of Raz-Kids:

Hi Jan,
I just wanted to let you know as this year's subscription to Raz-Kids comes to a close how much I have appreciated this program over the past year.  I am so grateful that the people at Learning A-Z found my blog and asked me to use their product.  I love Raz-Kids and believe in the program wholeheartedly.  Most importantly though is that my student are making tremendous growth and they love to use the program.  They ask to use Raz Kids.  Parents love it, too!  I have had several parents tell me that since using Raz-Kids that their child is actually interested in reading and motivated to use the program.  The kids even get on the app without having to be told to do so!  Raz-Kids is such a confident boost to so many of my struggling readers!  
Thank you for creating such a wonderful program and choosing me to use the program!  I truly appreciate it!
Kim H.


  1. Hi, I love Raz-Kids too! Our school is just starting to use this tool. Do you have any good classroom management strategies to keep kids focused and on-task. We work with kindergartners and are looking at good management systems to ensure it is successful. Thanks!

    1. My older students do not have a problem staying focused and using the program. They like to earn stars, so they can build their robots on the program. I also let them go to private areas in the room and let them block off an area so they can have privacy to record (they like to make their own recording booth) :). They younger students have a little harder time staying on task. I usually work one on one with these students or have a couple of students sitting at a table with me to work on RAZ kids. Most of my younger students are on level A and have difficulty reading even these books, so they they not only need help staying focused, but actually reading the books. Also, if you have the app you can lock them in to one app on the iPad, so they can't get off and explore other things on the ipad. You could also a set a timer for a certain amount of time on the program and then reward those that stayed on the program or reward for a set amount of books completed. Just a couple of ideas and things I have done...hope you find something that works for you! :) Kim


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