Friday, October 10, 2014

October Currently

Don't judge...but I may be 9 days late to Farley's Currently this month...
Better late than never, right?  I have been enjoying Fall Break this week.  It has been a week full of relaxing and doing nothing.  Sometimes you just need a week like that!

Here is October's Currently:

Listening:  I love all things Halloween!  This is my favorite time of year!  Halloween Wars on Food Network is something we can all watch together here and everyone loves it.  I am amazed by the food artists that make the amazing and scary sculptures out of pumpkins, sugar, and cake!  So awesome!!

Loving:  Fall Break!  This week always comes at the perfect time.  We are far enough into school now to feel the stress of the daily grind and everyone is in need of some refreshing time.  I love my job, but I needed this week just to be able to get back to being relaxed and let go of the burnout that comes at the beginning of the year! 

Thinking:  I "need" to make a Costco run.  Well, actually the hubby is telling me that he wants to, so how can I say no to that?!  

Wanting:  It is cold...I need coffee. Period! :)

Needing:  I need to prepare for next week back to school.  Hmmm...maybe later!

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Happy October!!


  1. It was fun to read your October Currently. When do you start school? We are just on our 30th day. I agree with you, Halloween Wars is great! I am making some funny Halloween foods with my grandboys! I have not tried the Salted Caramel
    Mocha. I was afraid it might have too much of a Mocha taste. I do like the pumpkin spice latte.

    1. We start school early in August. August 6 was our first day this year.
      And the caramel mocha is very mocha, but I loooooove it! :)

  2. I was a little late posting mine as well! (11 days over here!) I am glad that I got to come to your blog because I see that you are a Kentucky blogger! I live right on the border of KY and West Virginia. I actually live in WV, but look out my window and see Kentucky! ha!
    A Touch of Class

    1. :) I'm glad I wasn't the only one late to the game!
      We have several friends from WV. I thinki KY and WV could be he same state as much as people move back and forth around here. I live near Lexington, KY, right in the heart of Big Blue Nation! :)

  3. I was a late bird, too! I'm so jealous that you get a fall break!! I am definitely feeling the burnout. It is going to be a long time before Thanksgiving break gets here. :(


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