Friday, January 22, 2016

Five for Friday: Snow Week

I worked one day this week folks!  One day!  When it snows in Kentucky the whole state shuts down. :)  Monday was MLK Jr. Day, Tuesday we went to school, Wednesday-snow day, Thursday-snow day, and Friday-snow day!  I am not a huge fan of the cold or winter weather, but I love, love, love snow days!  There is nothing like getting that "school is canceled" text message or seeing your school district name scroll across the bottom of the news!  I know there are snow day haters and that's okay...haters gonna hate!  Haha!! Just kidding, love you friends!  I do want my summer break just as much as anyone else, but a day home out of the cold and under my blankets is just the way I like it!

It's been quite sometime since I've done a Five for Friday and this one will have little to do with my school week (since I wasn't there much), but I still want to share with you my top 5 faves of this week!
Enjoy this Snow Day parody to Adele's Hello :)

Here is how I spent Snow Day #1
Skipper and I thoroughly enjoyed cuddling together under my favorite heated throw and watching the snow fall!

All of this extra time allows for plenty of opportunity to cut apart laminated centers. 

It's Friday...officially...I wrote part of this post earlier in the week.  Look at me not procrastinating! Whoooo!  Anyway...the snow is here! 
And there we are!  Right in the middle of all of that!  I guess I'll see you in the spring, friends!

The snow leaves a dent in school pictures, so I've been spending a little (okay...too much) time on Pinterest!  Follow my board for some great special education ideas!

Follow Kim's board Mrs. H's Resource Room-Special Ed. Ideas on Pinterest.

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