Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oh Appy Day: Tech on Tuesday...It's Back!!

Tech on Tuesday is back!!   I love sharing new technology with you that will help your students learn and stay engaged.  This week I have an app to share with you that was shared with me by a friend and parent of one of my students and a couple of my all-time faves!

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SnapType is an app developed for students that have a difficult time with handwriting and penmanship.  Some students hate writing, because penmanship and the physical act of writing is just so overwhelming.  This app allows you take a picture or import a worksheet and then type answers straight on the picture.  Begin by taking a picture of the document or worksheet, tap to add text, then share as an image, PDF or SnapType document.  The reviews and testimonials for this app speak for themselves! *The app is free, but I suggest going ahead and getting the paid version for $3.99.  It allows you to save more documents.  The free app allows 3 saved documents*

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Touch and Write is one of my all-time favorite apps.  Students can learn how to write each letter of the alphabet right on the iPad.  The best part about this is app is that you can choose to write in shaving cream, with pudding, or even using ketchup (all virtually, of course)!  Sixteen different writing textures and 28 different writing papers gives students choice and provides an engaging medium to practice letter formation.  Parents and teachers can use preprogrammed word lists to allow students to practice or sight words or you can customize your own word lists!  This app is $2.99, but keep a close eye out, because I've seen it free before!

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If you love Touch and Write, then you will be head over heels for Touch and Write Phonics!  Also coming in at the $2.99 price, Touch and Write Phonics provides fun practice for vowels, blends and diagraphs.  Start by choosing the phonics component to work on and begin practicing color coded words that contain the phonics component you have chosen.  Again, this app has 18 different writing textures (with sound effects)!!  This is the most fun your student will have practicing phonics!  An added bonus...this app tracks progress of phonics skills practiced!! 

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