Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lesson Planning

Sunday nights are created for teachers.  I spend Sunday nights doing lesson plans.  I do some planning during the week, such as coming up with new ideas, but for the most part the heavy duty, common core studying, nose in the books, lesson planning night is Sunday night!

Here is a link to a Google Doc of my lesson plan template.  It is VERY simple.  No bells or whistles.  I teach five resource classes throughout the day. On this template I have room for those five classes and a column for notes.  PS...this is the first time I have published a Google Doc.  Hope it works out!
Lesson Plan Template

And one last thing!  A big thank you to those of you that are already following this blog!  I am so excited to be part of a teacher/blogger community!  I am looking forward to sharing and exchanging ideas!

Mrs. H


  1. Any suggestions for a sub with no lesson plans?

  2. Any ideas for a sub without plans? I had my first day of substituting and had 3 push in classes , 2 of which had "tests and hw to do in clas...yes with another sub! But when I was alone with 3 of the 4 kids I was supposed to have, it went a bit awry! Long trips to their locker, and then non compliance with the choice of 3 activities I came up with , ie provided.CLearly one student was looking for negative attention and the other felt her work was good as it was, some real cognitive issues here. The third student, all middle schoolers, at least did some work.Thanks


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