Monday, February 20, 2012


I love blogging.  I love teaching.  I love combining the two.  The combination is what you are reading.

On December 30 I started this blog and sometime in January I deleted it.  Now, February 20th, I undeleted it.  Indecisive?  Just a little! ;)  Why the wishy-washy-ness?  I write another blog (you can find it here) that is mainly about my personal life and just a fun site to for me share my feelings.  I started this blog the first time so I could separate life and work and then I thought I could just do some teaching posts on the other blog.  I couldn't ever find the right time or place to add in those posts, therefore, I am back to this one!

My hope is to post at least weekly here (at first).  I hope to post more often, but I know 2 blogs can be hard to maintain.

Please enjoy this new teaching blog, join, and share!!


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