Friday, September 20, 2013

A Look Inside: Resource Reading-Organization

This is the last post in this series.  Sad day! :(  I've really enjoyed actually posting 5 days in a row!  This is something that usually does not happen during the school year!  I'm trying to do better, friends! :)

Finally, we have made it to organization.  After all of the lessons are planned, interventions are put in place and schedules are created and followed the next important piece of this reading resource puzzle is monitoring and organization.

Here is what I monitor weekly for each student in each area:
Fluency: A fluency chart is used so the students can see their progress.  The beginning of the week WPM is graphed on Monday and then on Friday the student graphs the WPM for that day.

Comprehension: I take a score on the comprehension quiz provided with the guided reading lesson on Reading A-Z.  If I didn't use one of these lessons for the week I would create 10 comprehension questions based on what we are reading at the time.

Basic Skills/Accuracy:  I take a score/percentage on the sight word from week.  I also take a score on the sound/sounds they are working on for the week.  For example, if they are working on long e sound I would give them several words with the long e sound in them and see if they can sound out the words.

All of this information is then put in one of two places.
1.  I record the percentages in a data graph.
2.  The work samples are kept in hanging file folder box.

Lastly, I keep a reading binder on my entire reading resource group.  It includes:
1.  A literacy assessment profile
2.  Student group planning page (based on IEP goals)
3.  Guided reading planning pages
4.  Reading conference log

I have complied these resources and many other ideas into a handy Guided Reading for the Resource Classroom guide for you that is available on TPT.

This guide is chock full of resource to help assess, guide, plan, and instruct students that receive reading services in the resource classroom or reading intervention.

Literacy Assessment Profile
Reading Interest Inventory

Guided Reading planning page
Student Reading Group Planning (Based on IEP goal)
Example group planning page
Reading Conference Log

Word Work ideas
Intervention How-To ideas
Time Delay Data
Time Delay Data Example
Cue Cards for word attack skills
Comprehension Graphic Organizers
Check for Understanding
Main Idea
Visualizing Map
KWL Chart
Story Map

For the Kids:
Reading Log
Vocabulary Catcher

I hope you have found this series of blog post helpful and I also hope that you check out my guided reading resource.
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  1. Thanks so much for this series! This is my first year as a resource room sped teacher and I have been searching everywhere for advice. Your posts have been the most informative ones I have read!

  2. What a great post! Thank you for linking have some great ideas and info on this post!


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