Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Themed Skip Counting Puzzles

My students  are having some difficulty with skip counting patterns to learn to multiply.  This skill has been incredibly helpful in the past when teaching my kids about multiplication.  I created some skip counting (Fall/Thanksgiving themed, of course) to help solidify those skip counting patterns. 

The cards are cut apart and the student put the cards in the correct order and practice the skip counting pattern.  Once students are given ample opportunity to practice seeing all of the numbers, I screen or turnover some of the numbers and the students have to recite the pattern while filling in the missing numbers.  Eventually, my hope is they will be skip counting to their little heart content without looking at the cards or a number line.
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Fall/Thanksgiving Themed Skip Counting Puzzles

Fall/Thanksgiving Themed Skip Counting PuzzlesThere are patterns for the multiples from 2 through 10.


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