Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday! :)

It's Friday!!!  This short week has been a long one! ;)  I'm linking up today with Doodle Bugs Teaching to show the top 5 highlights of my week.

1.  We had Tuesday off for Election Day. It was great to have a random mid-week day off.  My kids and I hung out at our favorite bookstore for the morning.  We {heart} Joseph-Beth!

Bonding over books!  Love!

2.  Land of Stories by Chris Colfer.  My oldest child started reading these books and now I am hooked!  FYI: If you haven't read the Land of Stories series...they are awesome.   Chloe is holding the second of the series in this pic. They are the "true" tales of everyone's favorite fairy tales.  The two main characters fall into the Land of Stories and find out some truths about their family.  Check them out!  

3.  The graphic below comes from my favorite iPhone app, Cuptakes.  It has tons of girly graphics for backgrounds or lock screen savers.  I love them!  

4.  These "tweeties" came from Target and inspired me to go for a snuggly, cozy, comfy Christmas theme this year.  Adorable, right?!  

5.  And finally, because I cannot hardly wait until Christmas, I created a simple little Christmas planner for myself and for you.  It is available at my TpT store :)

Have a great weekend!! :)


  1. I am going to have to check out your Christmas Planner!! I could use some organization in my life. Your children are cuties. Thanks for sharing!


  2. We had Tuesday off as well it just seemed to throw the whole week off...CrAzY!! I am somewhat addicted to Cuptakes. The longer I have it the more I love it. I find myself anxiously awaiting the new update at the 1st of the month. There are so many cute options for this month I'm thinking I'll have to switch my screens out several times!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. The Tuesday off did throw the whole week off a bit! And I do the same thing with Cuptakes! I love seeing the new additions at the beginning of the month. There are so many cute ones! I've already changed my screens twice this month and it's only the 9th!! :)

  3. Wow a day off for elections...we never get that here in California! I'm jealous! I love those little "tweeties".... once again...jealous! :)

    Crayons and Whimsy

    1. Thanks! I cannot wait to decorate for hubby doesn't feel the same way though. :( After Thanksgiving though, this house is going into full Christmas mode!! :)


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