Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veteran's Day & Reading A-Z

As you, loyal readers, know I love and am proud to be using Reading A-Z.  I love everything from their books to their activities for each guided reading lesson!   Today I wanted to share with you some of the activities that I have created for this week's lessons on Veteran's Day.
This week we will be reading the book Veteran's Day found on Reading A-Z.  (If you don't subscribe, I highly recommend the site, these activities will work with any book on Veteran's Day).

 Veteran's Day and the activities that surround this great day of memorial are special to me.  My dad is a veteran of the Vietnam War and helping and providing services to veterans of all wars is very important to my dad and to all of my family.  My dad started the VFW program in his hometown and was commander of the post for several years before recently turning that job over to a new commander.  I am proud of him for doing such a great job and supporting the veterans in his community.
Here is my dad at the VFW post.   I know it is not the best pic, but he not the picture taking kind of guy and I'm lucky to get this one.  PS---no one tell my dad that there is a pic posted of him on my blog ;)  He'll get me for this! :)

So, anyway, back to school and my lessons (PS-my dad always called my homework, lessons.  That drove me nuts when I was little.  It was so old school sounding when he would say, "Do you have your lessons done?")  

I have created a "dressed up" pack of activities to go along with Veteran's Day.  Included in the lessons are:

Vocabulary word wall words

Grammar work-A verb tense word sort

Word Work-Syllables

Comprehension strategy-Visualizing

Writing-A Thank You note to veterans

Head over to my TpT store to download your copy of this activity bundle for next week's Veteran's Day activities! :)

PS:  I will try to create a pack for each Reading A-Z story that I use.  I love the activities that they provide, but I do like them a little cuter ;)  I will be sharing these with you weekly.  I plan to have them posted on Saturdays.  Thanks for reading and supporting me so much!

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