Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oh "Appy" Day: Tech on Tuesday: CardKiwi

I was recently asked to use and review a new flashcard website/tool called CardKiwi.  CardKiwi uses a special algorithm called spaced repetition algorithm.  This specially designed study tool employs a formula that spaces your flashcards based on what you have told the program you know and don't know.  It's like the old way of doing flashcards in a fancy, technological new way.  Remember the days of creating piles of flashcards of "cards I know" and "cards I don't know"?  Now the computer can do it all for you!

CardKiwi is extremely easy to use and has a step by step format to help you create cards on any subject, from sight words to math facts and vocabulary.  You can even create flashcards for many, many different novels that are pre-loaded into the program.  The program works on the premise that as you learn the material on the card you give a "thumbs up" to show you know and "thumbs down" or "thumbs sideways" to show you don't know the content or sort of know the content.  CardKiwi will then show you the cards that you gave a "thumbs down" or "thumbs sideways" to more frequently.  CardKiwi still throws in the cards that you definitely know.  This helps you to continue remember these cards and it also gives motivation, because you will continuously know the answers on some cards.  One of my favorite parts is that you can use words or images on each card, so this makes flashcard possibilities endless.

Here you add flashcards to your set.  Make them about any subject that you need!

Now begin studying!

On this screen the user will decide how well they know the content.  If the student does not know the content and choose thumbs down then the program will show that particular card more often.

Another awesome benefit of this program is that you can share collaborate and share your cards with your friends!  It's always more fun to study with a buddy!!  Students from elementary age through high school and beyond can use CardKiwi!  I highly recommend this website.  CardKiwi gives a fresh spin on an old trick!! :)

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