Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh "Appy" Day: Tech on Tuesday: Feb. 4

Tech on Tuesday!  Back again!  Today's tech review features:  Touch and Write & Dexteria.  Two apps that should be in every special education teachers and occupational therapists arsenal of apps and instructional activities!

Dexteria is designed to help young children develop prewriting skills.  It is a set of therapeutic hand exercises that helps to improve fine motor skills.   The app takes advantage of the multi-touch interface of the iPad to allow complete interaction with the app.  Students work on pincher grasp, motor planning and sequencing.  The last exercise moves up to letter writing in a structured, yet fun and engaging way to learn the letters.  From personal experience, my son (age 6) loves this app.  He does not have difficulty with writing or fine motor skills, but the activities were engaging enough to keep him on the app.  In the classroom, students with fine motor difficulties can use this app in repeated and short sessions.

This app is also great elementary age students.  The app allows students to practice letter and word writing.  The fun bit of this app is in the materials that are used to "write."  You can "write" in ketchup, pudding, icing, jelly, and more.  You can also change the background from paper to fur and anything in between!  So fun and highly motivating!  One of my favorite aspects of this app is that you can program your own word list.  Students can then use this app to practice their own sight words or spelling words.  
Hurry and download these apps today!! You won't be sorry!

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