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Special Ed Summer Blog Hop: Week 3 Back to School Forms

Welcome Back for another great week of tips and information from your favorite 
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This week we will be bringing you Back to School Forms:

I love the beginning of a new school year!  It brings me so much excitement!  I love meeting my new students and parents or getting back in contact with my kids from the previous year.  I consider myself lucky to be able to have the same kids for 3 years in a row, since I work with grades 3-5.  I get to see so much progress across those three years and build some amazing relationships!  

To get ready for the beginning of a new school year, there are several forms I like to send home and prepare for myself so I can become familiar with my students from Day 1.  
1.  A letter home to parents to introduce myself 
2.  A parent survey to allow parents to tell me about their child (including strengths/needs and goals)

You can purchase my Parent Communication Pack (which includes the letter and survey) HERE

I also set up a special education binder with each of my students' information in one handy place.  My binder includes:
  • IEP at a Glance
  • Copy of the most recent IEP and Behavior Plan (if applicable)
  • Parent Contact Log
  • Accommodation Checklist
  • Copies of blank notes to send home  (I'm adding these blank notes this year as a reminder to myself to send home some positive notes everyone once in a while)

This is the cover for my caseload binder!  If you would like to have one of your own, click on the picture and download yours for free! :)  (Font by Hello Fonts and Graphics by Melonheadz)

My IEP at a Glance can be downloaded HERE or clicking on the picture below :)
Special Education: IEP AT A GLANCE

I hope you are enjoying your summer and this great blog hop!  
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