Sunday, March 25, 2012


It's Sunday night and time to get  ready for the new week!  This week is stacking up to be a busy one. This is the last week of school before Spring Break (thank you, Jesus!!)  But even with Spring Break so close there is still a million and one things to do, starting with writing an IEP.   (If my head wasn't swimming before it really is.)  I had to take a quick break from all of those goals, objectives and minutes for a blogging break! :)

Do you ever realize how much time you spend speaking in "code" as a special education teacher?  I realize that a lot, especially when I am talking to my husband about "spec ed stuff" and I start rambling a bunch of letters and he gives me the "deer in headlights" look!  I developed a little Special Ed. Acronyms sheet.  I hope you can find it useful!  I think it would be beneficial for parents of children with special needs, other teachers, administrators, and husbands (ha)!

Download it here --->  Special Education Acronyms

If you can think of anymore Acronyms that should be added just send me a comment and I will update.  I realize some of these may vary by state, so I tried to to put up the most common! :)  Hope this helps!!

Mrs. H


  1. I do the acronym-talk, too!

    I've found they are very different from state to state, though. For example, I teach students who are SXI - severely multiply impaired. They function cognitively at the SCI - severely cognitively impaired - or MoCI - moderately cognitively impaired - level. In Michigan, there's also MiCI - mildly cognitively impaired; we also have POHI - physically or otherwise health impaired. There's no "D" or "H" (disabled or handicapped) in label acronyms here anymore and the "M" (mentally) has been replaced by "C" (cognitively). It is always changing. Since I have been in undergrad (8.5 years since I graduated) the acronyms have changed 3 times for sped in Michigan! No wonder we can't keep it all straight!

    I just (2 years ago) got my master's in ECDD - Early Childhood Developmental Delay - and I hear now it's changed to be ECSE - Early Childhood Special Education. When I first started in the sped world (in high school, volunteering and then in undergrad, working as a parapro in ESY) the same classification was called PPI - Pre-Primary Impaired.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something...What about ERP - Evaluation Review Plan...and MET - Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team...Those are all connected with a three-year reeval IEP here in Michigan, but I don't know if they're called the same things elsewhere!


  2. Oh - I thought of one more...our PLEP/PLP is now called PLAAPF - Present Level of Academic and Adaptive Performance and Functioning. Yikes! That changed a couple years ago, I think.


    1. Isn't it funny how different the lingo can be from one state to the next?! I haven't heard of SCI or SXI or any of the others from your first comment. We do, however, call the PLEP the PLAAPF. I just could remember all of those letters myself when I was working on this chart!! :) Whew!! Sometimes we just need to call it what it is...that might be easier! Thanks for your comment and I can add that on!


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