Friday, February 1, 2013

Yes, I Would Love Another 3 Day Weekend! & Football Fanatic

Guess who has another Friday off?  That's right!  This girl is settled in for another snow day!  Geez, I love KY weather!  We went from ice last Friday to freezing cold, to 60 degree weather, to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, and now back to snow!  If you don't like the weather in KY just stick around a day or so, because it is going to change!  Any snow day is a good day in my book though.

This Friday, I am joining the 3AM Teacher again for her Friday Five: Freebie, Find, Funny, Frazzle, Feature

1.  Freebie:  I do not have a freebie of my own to share today, but I do have a freebie to share of someone I follow from TPT.  I have several students that have difficulty with prefixes and suffixes.  This activity meets all of my needs this week: prefix, suffix, and football!  Gotta love some Superbowl themed activities!

2.  Find:  Sticking with the Superbowl theme, I found some great free football clipart from one of my favorite clipart artist, Ashley Hughes.
Football Frames {Graphics for Commercial Use}

3.  Funny:  First off, let me say that I attend the most amazing church in Central KY.  If you are ever in the area you must stop by Grace Christian Center and worship with us.  Now, for the funny...each year our pastors film a hilarious Superbowl commercial.  Here is GCC Superbowl commercial 2013...Grace Christian Style:

4.  Frazzle:  I love snow days.  A lot.  I do have a lot that I need to get done at school though.  Fridays are the day that I progress monitor and now that is pushed to Monday.  This leaves me off schedule...FrAzZlEd...just a bit!  I'm not complaining though...because I love snow days!!!!!!

5.  Feature: So the Superbowl is said to be the biggest food consumption day right after Thanksgiving.  I am working hard to eat right and exercise, but Superbowl parties (well and life in general sometimes makes that hard).  Today I am featuring a website that has helped me meal plan and keep health on track.  This website offers tons of healthy recipes.  You can store your recipes on an online recipe box, create a shopping list to load to your smartphone and make a meal plan!  I love this website!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!  Get ready for some football!!! 

Go Ravens!  (This is for my husband, since the 49ers beat his beloved Falcons last week!)



  1. Hey there! I found you through the 3AM teacher's linky party! Love your blog! I also love your church's commerical...too funny!

    Thirsty Firsties


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