Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Share

Sundays are typically the day that I get to sit around after church, listen to the radio or the television and prepare for the week to come at school.  This Sunday is no different, however, I was thinking about my readers this morning and some of the posts have written and it occurred to me that many of us don't really know the person behind these blogs.  Last week, I posted about my family and what we had spent time doing over the holidays and I as was thinking about what to write about today I thought I would share some more of my personal life with you guys.  I think it is important to create relationships with people and it doesn't matter that some of you I will never meet in face to face and some of you I see every single day.  So, on Sundays I have decided to share a little of myself with you!

Last week, I shared with you this picture of my two kiddos helping mommy build some shelves and I promised to show you the after pictures.  Well, wait no longer!  Here is our reorganized playroom!

These are my kids.  Ready to help make the playroom look like a million bucks!  Of course the little one had to dress up for the occasion.  Safety First!! :)

This is the before picture of the playroom.  We have moved into our new house 5 months ago and I have been putting off unpacking these boxes!  I was tempted many times to just tape the boxes up and throw the away.  I know...Mom of the Year material!  So, I didn't.  The kids helped go through each box and we separated the toys into keep, trash, store and donate.  

We organized the toys.  These are my daughters Barbies neatly placed into a shoe organizer and then hung in the closet.  All of the big toys are put into the closet.

Next, the kids wanted an art area.  These are the Closet Maid shelves that were purchased at Lowes.   I laid the shelves on their sides, instead of sitting them on the ends like they usually are.  The shelves have the canvas drawers inside to hold all of their art supplies.  The kids pushed the shelves back to back to create a little table so they could create some artwork.  They hung wire underneath their painting to displays some of their creations.

Another shot of their art area.
These are $1 frames from the Dollar Tree and some  decorative clips also found at the Dollar Tree.  We super glued the clips to the picture frames to have more places to hang artwork
Here is the finished bookshelf.  The shelf and the baskets all   came from Lowe's.  On either side of the shelf are large baskets (from Walmart) to hold dress up clothes and stuffed animals!

My kids spend so much time in here!  They love to draw and color and the artwork in that room changes daily.  There are still some finishing touches I would like to add to this room, but for now it is cute and functional!

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