Friday, May 31, 2013

Five for Friday and Advice Sought...

This has been our first full week on summer vacation!  It has been awesome!!

1. I turned in my keys to my old school.  It was surreal to say the least.  I am so excited about my new job, but leaving somewhere is always a little bittersweet.  There are several people there I will miss, but thankfully they are not far away!

2.  My kids love the Dollar Tree as much as I do.  They found a bug catching kit and spent the afternoon washing my car and then catching bugs!

3.  The summer reading program at our public library has started.  The kids kicked it off with a dino hunt.  Below Chloe is helping put together and dinosaur from pieces they hunted for and Barrett poses with a dinosaur that he dug from the dirt!

4.  We also watched EPIC this week.  My kids loved it and so did I.  The movie is really cute.  Our favorite part is when the slug says, "I'm a slug.  I ain't got no shell over hurr, baby!"  :)  

5.  If you've read my previous posts you know that I am all about some organization this summer.  I downloaded a great teacher planner from A Modern Teacher, but there are some things I wanted to add to it that are specific to special education.  So...after scouring the internet and TPT, I am having a hard time finding exactly what I am looking for...enter YOU! :)
Here are some ideas for what I need in my special ed. teacher planner:
  • accomodations checklist
  • caseload list
  • lesson plan template for resource/co-teaching classes
  • notes pages
  • calendar
  • due dates organizer (for annual reviews, re-evals., new referrals, etc.)
  • quick reference annual goal/benchmark page
What else would you want in your teacher planner (if you are a special education teacher)?

Here is a picture of the cover of this special education teacher planner:

Tell me what you think?  Would you like this?  I can make it customizable.  
What types of documents would you put in your teacher planner?



  1. I've just found your blog through the linky and am your latest follower :)

    I don't really know what else would go in the planner though sorry... maybe it's too early in the morning for my brain to function correctly!

    Good luck with your new job

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  2. I teach in a collaborative room, so I get to hear from my special ed teacher a lot and see what she carries in her binder. What about a schedule sheet and maybe a schedule sheet for students? She isn't always with every student during the day, but may need to know where they are throughout the day (that one may be totally off base for your needs). Also, a quick data tracking sheet? We always have to give her benchmark scores and STAR reading scores, so one place to put those might be nice.

    I'm glad to hear Epic was good because we are going on a field trip to see it this Thursday!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. Courtney-
      Those are great ideas. I didn't even think about a schedule, but of course I would need those! Thanks!

      You will love EPIC! It is super cute!
      Thanks again,

  3. I am a special ed teacher in Canada. About 20 days left of school here. I have always had to make my own planbook since I can never find something to suit my job. I like to leave plenty of room for writing my daily observations and anecdotals - it makes report writing and conferences go alot smoother.

  4. I agree. Data sheets, schedule, and a place to jot short anecdotal notes to help write those IEPs.


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