Thursday, May 16, 2013

Things That Make My Heart Smile

Today was one of those magical days that makes you say, "Geez, this is why I became a teacher!"

Every year, our intermediate students get to go to the YMCA to swim if they gave their best effort during our state testing.  I had a great time swimming with one of my students.  I have blogged about this sweetie before and our trip to the pool and this year was just as special as last.  This particular student had never been swimming in a "deep" pool before last spring (and she was in 4th grade), because of some physical disabilities.  She had the most wonderful time last year and this year she couldn't wait to get in the pool.  Her smile as she jumped from the edge of the pool into my waiting arms just made my heart smile.  You see this student is a quadruple amputee and has a few other physical disabilities that makes walking, moving independently and definitely swimming incredibly difficult.  However, when she is in the water she becomes light and carefree.  Although she can't swim and won't let me let her go, she joins in with her friends of games of Marco Polo and has a wonderful time.

This is why I became a special education teacher, to help students with the most difficult of disabilities become successful and feel accomplished in some way.  Although this little girl can do several amazing things, to see her in a pool having a wonderful time and moving so freely is heartwarming.  I could see this year after year and never tire of it!

To her I say, "You go girl!  I love being part of your life!"


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