Friday, May 31, 2013

Special Education Teacher Planner

It's finished!  I took the suggestions of my blog followers and email participants and completed my special education teacher planner!  It has all I need (and hopefully all any special ed teacher needs) to make it through the school year efficiently and effectively!  Here's to one more step to being organized!
Below are some previews of my planner:

Front Cover
Calendar Page

This Lesson Planner is designed specifically for special education teachers. 
The pages are customizable in PowerPoint!

This planner has been developed by a special education teacher for other special education teachers. All you need to manage your resource and co-teaching needs are included.

This planner can be printed and put in a binder or have it bound at an office supply store. Print out the pages you need. You may need extra of some pages, such as the notes page, to do list, and lesson plan templates (I have printed out enough for the entire year).

The planner contains 28 pages including:
* Lesson Plan template
* Schedule
* Caseload List
* Annual Goals and Benchmarks at a glance
* Year at a Glance
* Due Date sheet for Annual Review, Reevaluations, and Referrals
* Accommodations Checklist
* Notes page
* To Do List
* Calendar (runs from July 2013-June 2014) 

Right now you can purchase this product through my TPT store by following this link:

Questions or suggestions? Please let me know! :)

I hope you enjoy!

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