Friday, March 28, 2014

Five for Friday: March 28

This is it!  The last day and Spring Break is here!  I am so excited!!  This has been a crazy, busy, blessed week!

Here's my 5 for this Friday!

1.  Sometimes just a little email from a parent can really make your week.  I received a sweet email from a parent this week just to say thanks! It honestly made me cry!

2.  My sweet girl wore a University of Louisville shirt for me today.  If you are following the NCAA tournament you know that UK versus U of L tonight and this is a huge in state battle!  This is a hard game for me to choose between.  We live very close to Lexington, but I went to school at U of L!  House divided!  My kids at school know my love for UofL and this sweetie wore her shirt to support my team today!  Love her!  We had to take a selfie! :)

 3.  Kasey's last day! :(  Kasey has been my student teacher since January and her last day was Wednesday.  I miss her like crazy!! She is an amazing teacher and is going to be wonderful teaching LBD!

3.  Another of my sweeties made me a birthday card. :)  It's not my birthday! :)  Made my heart skip a beat, nonetheless!

4.  I've been busy in preparation for Autism Awareness Month in April.  Here is a little screenshot of the work in progress:
A kid friendly Autism Awareness Brochure :)  If you want a copy, head over to my TPT store.

5.  And finally, it's Spring Break!  It is sooooo time for some rest and relaxation!  We're headed to the Smokies this coming week.  The Smoky Mountains are one of my favorite places to visit!  Can't wait to eat at the Old Mill and Apple Barn, do some shopping at the outlets, and enjoy the beauty of the mountains.  I'm praying for warmer weather so we can be out and exploring!

Happy Spring Friends!!!


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