Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oh "Appy" Day: Tech on Tuesday-Calculator Apps

There are two calculator apps that I am in love with right now!  

The first one is MyScript Calculator (thanks to my sweet friend Cyndee for showing me this one)!

 I became hooked on this app from the first moment that I touched the screen!  It has an amazing "cool" factor that your students will love.  This calculator app recognizes your handwriting and converts it into script/type and then solves the math equation that you write on the screen.  This app helps to eliminate the need to "learn" to use the calculator. If your student can write numbers then this app can solve the problem!  One of the best features???  It's FREE!!

My second calculator app came out of pure necessity as we are working on fractions in every grade level that I work with right now!  Talk about being sick of fractions! This girl is done!  Anyway, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions have soooo many rules and processes to remember, but this app can help solve those dilemmas!  
Fraction Calculator Plus FREE is the app you need for teaching fractions.  I have been letting my fifth graders use this app to solve their fraction problems!  My students do know the process for finding the answers to problems involving fractions, but are still having a difficult time simplifying, so I have them work on the problems on paper, then they can use the app to get the answer in the simplest form.  Works perfect!!

Get these great FREE apps today!! 
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  1. What cool apps! I get so excited when I find special ed bloggers:) I work in a school for special needs students, and I love learning about new apps for the iPads (we have 1:1 iPads for our kids). Thanks for sharing!
    Technology Timeout

    1. Thanks! I love finding special ed bloggers, too! These are great apps. You will love them! We are not a 1:1 school, but we are pretty close. We have wonderful technology in our building! In my resource classes I have enough iPads for every student to have their own. That is so great for them!


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