Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rewards that Don't Cost a Dime!

I was inspired by a poster on Pinterest of 50 Classrooms Reward Ideas.  I began to think about what I use in my classroom and with my students that motivates them to do complete work, stay on task, or when a student is "caught being good."

 (FREE) Classroom Rewards!

1.  Use the teacher's chair
2.  Work at the teacher's desk
3.  Visit another teacher's classroom (to work with someone younger or run an errand for that teacher)
4.  Run a errand
5.  Help stock books in the library
6.  Work with the PE coach to set up the gym for classes in the morning
7.  Sweep the halls with the big push broom with the custodians
8.  Use the smelly markers
9.  Write a special note to student's parent & mail it home (Kids love getting "real" mail)
10.  Call the student's parent to tell them that they have a great kid

11.  Be first in line
12.  Share a story with the teacher or class
13.  Use the iPad
14.  Eat lunch in the room (with a friend)
15.  Use a special ink pen or pencil
16.  Keep a special toy, animal, trinket at your desk
17.  Sit in the special chairs (I have rocking video chairs in my room that they love to sit in)
18.  Go to the principal's office for a good visit
19.  Do the afternoon announcement
20.  Get a hug from your favorite adult in the building

21.  Choose a game to play
22.  Use the puppet theater
23.  Use stamps and ink
24.  Get a sticker
25.  Clean the classroom pet cage
26.  Be first in line for lunch
27.  Homework pass
28.  Complete part of an assignment
29.  Listen to CDs
30.  Free choice computer time

31.  Use play-doh
32.  Put together a puzzle
33.  Be recognized in front of the class for a job well done
34.  Free water fountain pass
35.  Sharpen all of the pencils
36.  Free time to play with a toy that you bring from home
37.  Grade papers
38.  Read aloud for the class your book of choice or the class read-aloud book
39.  Listen to books on CD
40.  Invite a parent to lunch

41.  Use the marker board and dry erase markers
42.  Draw a picture
43.  Use the light box
44.  Use the sensory table/box
45.  Take a break
46.  Invite a friend from another class to lunch
47.  Wear special beads, necklace, button that designates that you were caught being good
48.  Use art supplies
49.  Choose your seat for the day
50.  Punch or stamp a punch card that will eventually tally up to a treat

I hope you are able to find some new ideas!

What free ideas to you have for classroom rewards!  Leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. Mrs. Hinton,
    I was searching for no or low cost rewards for students and I found your blog. I plan to include some of your ideas on a list that I am compiling for my 5th and 6th grade Intermediate campus teachers. I also plan to share your blog location with my Special Ed teachers. Your blog looks great and provides positive and helpful information for viewers. Thanks for sharing! Deidra (campus principal in Texas)

    1. Thanks for your comment! I am happy that you have found something on my blog that you like and want to share with your staff! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

  2. Another reward can be to help teach a lesson.

  3. That's a great one and a favorite of mine to use! Thanks for adding to our list!


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