Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two Are Better Than One

Have you ever had one of those days when every person you come in contact with has left a blessing on your heart?  Well, today was one of those days happened for me.  

I am thankful for relationships and the people that God puts into my life on a daily basis.  As I am sure I have said on here before we have only lived in the town we live in for about two and a half years, yet God has blessed our lives abundantly with people and experiences in our short time here.  

Today these people/experiences blessed me:
Working in the infant room.  The precious babies just warmed my heart.  I think I smiled the whole time I was in there and the company of the other adult was nice as well.

Our pastor.  Our sermon today was about being committed-to God and to each other.  The scripture below was a large part of today's lesson.  (In particular Ecc. 4:10)  How wonderful is it to do life with others.  I appreciate my church family and especially my small group.

Working with my KTIP intern.  I love our conversations.  It could be about school, kids, God, silly videos, or just life in general and I always feel so good about sharing life with her.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having people in your life that are like minded and have the same beliefs and values as you do.

Supper with friends.  I love our friends and their kids.  I love hanging out with them, whether it be on vacation, at one of our homes, playing games, eating out, anything!  I enjoy spending time with them and their family and growing our relationship.  We can talk about something or nothing at all and have a good time!

Conversations with my sister.  We didn't even actually hear each other's voices today, as a matter of fact we just commented on each other's Facebook statuses, but it still makes me feel close to her.  We live over four hours from each other and just our daily quips to each helps me to feel like she is totally involved in my life!

Several people from home have been on my heart lately.  I miss them like crazy, but just thinking of them and saying a little prayer for them gives me peace.

Spending time with my husband and kids.  They bless me everyday.  So many of our days are spent in school and work and then running errands and cooking supper after school.  I love days when we just get to enjoy each other's company and grow our family.  

I feel incredibly lucky that God has placed people in my life that are my companions.  I know that these people (along with others) are there to pick me up in a fall and I would do the same for each of them.  Sometimes I think we should take a moment to remember those that are close to us.  I know I take each person on this list for granted at some time or another and I wish that wasn't so.  I am thankful that God set on my heart today to be thankful for the companions in my life.

I hope your day has been blessed, too!  Everyone needs someone to pick them back up and sometime or another!


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