Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Bags

We had to flip flop our Summer Fun-Days this week.  Thursday we typically go to the library, but today I had to work, so we switched our Thursday and Friday plans.  This actually worked better anyway.

Our project for tomorrow was to make library bags.  The kids picked out iron on transfers and fabric markers during our Hobby Lobby visit this week.  Today the kids decorated their bags (after coming home from the sitter's house and I finished up what I had to do at work).  Tomorrow we will be heading to the library to try out our new bags in action!

Barrett chose a soccer ball-his favorite!

Chloe chose a fancy butterfly!

School use:  For those of you that do Daily 5 or have kids select books to keep in a book basket, I think these bags would be perfect to use as your book basket.  The kids can decorate their bag the way they like and potentially they would take up less room.  You wouldn't necessarily need a bookcase to store these on, but instead several hooks spaced out around your room could help with storage.  

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