Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Dork Diaries Book Release--Can you guess where our Trip Tuesday took us?

In keeping with our Summer Fun-Days, our trip today was to Barnes and Noble.  My kids are definitely teacher's kids!  They love to read and one of our favorite past times is curling up on the couch or in my bed and reading together.  We can be reading the same book or all different books, but reading is something we all find joy in.  Today was an extra special day for the kids at B&N.  Chloe's favorite book series, well after Harry Potter, released a new book today.
Chloe loves the Dork Diaries series.  Some have called it the girl version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  It is written in the same diary/journal format and it is a quick read for most.  There are six books in the series now.  I would highly recommend these books for girls between the ages of 9-12.  They deal with friends, parents, and boys.  It is a humorous series of books from the personal diary of Nikki Maxwell. The book features drawings and comics that feature the life on a typical middle schooler.  They are a great read.  Series books are doubly great, because they allow a reader to get "involved" in the life of a character and live with them through ups and downs and are able to "watch" the character develop through the books.  My kids just eat up series books.  

Some of our favorite series books include:
Harry Potter
Dork Diaries
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Junie B. Jones
Horrible Harry
Judy Moody
Stink Moody (Judy's little brother)
A-Z Mysteries
Magic Tree House
The 39 Clues
Little House on the Prairie
Percy Jackson
Kingdom Keepers
Series of Unfortunate Events
Henry and Mudge

Speaking of series books...Barrett also had a successful B&N trip.  He picked out his very first chapter book.  He is a great little reader.  He just finished Kindergarten and decided that he is now a big boy and can read chapter books.  He picked the first book in the Stinky Moody series and read the first several chapters before we even made it home!  He's a boy after my own heart! <3

Oh and a fun fact just to let you in on how nerdy and like their momma my kids are...our other stops today were Staples and Hobby Lobby!  Yep, a teacher's dream! :)


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