Friday, January 24, 2014

Five For Friday-January 24 Edition

What a crazy week it has been here in Kentucky!  We have been out of school since LAST THURSDAY, because of the snow and frigid temperatures.  While I love a snow day...this is getting crazy!  I understand that we can't go back and that the roads are not safe, but whew...I'm getting school-sick!  You know, like homesick, but I miss school instead of home! :)  Here are my top five from this frigid and snowy week!

Snow day!  The kids improvised and made a sled out of a tote lid and did a little sledding in the backyard.  Soooooo cold!!  So fun!!!

I went to school yesterday and did a little reorganizing and rearranging.  Desk clean...check, group lesson plan baskets...check (if we ever make it back they are ready for class)!

Rearranged reading area and CAFE wall! :)

If you read yesterday's post about The Zones of Regulation, here are the zone posters!


No picture for this one, but I hit a personal blogging goal this week.  I have had over 100,000 pageviews. When I started this blog, it was my goal to get 10,000 views and then every 10,000 more I get so excited!  I am so thankful for my readers.  I love that you keep coming back and reading about what is going on in my classroom!  I have met some wonderful people through this blogging experience and I am so grateful for the support of family, friends and strangers.  Here's to 100,000 more! :)



  1. Congrats on getting 100,000 page views! That is a HUGE accomplishment :) Looks like a fun week for you - except for all the cold weather! Have a great weekend and stay warm!

    My Shoe String Life

    1. Thanks! I bet you're battling the same cold weather as we are! Hope you are staying warm, too!

  2. Congrats on 100,000 page views!! That is awesome!!! I thought our working on one day this week was bad, but it sounds like things have been worse your way!!! I'm definitely ready to get back to school and back into a routine! Enjoy the weekend!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

    1. Thank you! I'm ready to go back to school today, but next week isn't looking very promising! BRRRR!!!!!


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