Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently :: 2014

January is upon us!! Happy New Year!  Here is the first Currently of 2014!

Listening ::  Full House.  I love that my kids love Full House and that Nickelodeon plays reruns at night.  It is just a "good ole show."  I can remember waiting for it to come on on ABC's TGIF on Friday nights.  It was my favorite show as a little girl.  I used to pretend that Uncle Jesse was my boyfriend! :)

Loving :: We are expecting some wintery weather tonight here in Kentucky and my school district has already called off school for tomorrow!  Tomorrow was supposed to be our first day back after Christmas break, but now it is extended!  Yay!! I {puffy heart} a snow day!  I know that we have to make them up and sometimes the first week of June means we are still in school, but nothing makes me smile more than a day of snow!

Thinking :: One part of my New Years resolution is to get organized.  I'm great at this at school, but home gets out of hand.  I really want to work on the stack of paper and mail that we have taking over the counter!

Wanting :: I want nothing! I have had an amazing Christmas and I couldn't want for anything more! :)

Needing :: I am ready for this week,  but now we are out of school tomorrow! :)  I would like to get several weeks ahead!  We shall see how that goes!

Memory/Tradition ::  On January 1 of last year, my family and I started writing down special events or something that meant something to us that day on a small pieces of paper and placing them in a jar.  Today we took out those slips of paper and read them outloud.  It was heartwarming and a great time to remember all of the wonderful things that has happened to our family this year.  We are going to do this again this year!  We didn't do it everyday and definitely slacked as the year went on, but I really want to keep it going this year.  We all said that we may not do every day, but if something really great happens that we are going to write that down.  I can't wait to see what happens in 2014!



  1. I love your tradition! That inspires me to start something like that at my house, or even in my classroom!

  2. My children love Full House! I love that idea of placing memories in a jar! What a great tradition!!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  3. I found you through the Currently linky. I need to do my lesson plans, too. But for next week. I could only hope to be ahead of the game one day! :)

    Yay for your snow day tomorrow. Enjoy it. I'm in Alabama-no snow for me, BUT we don't start back until Monday. YAY!


  4. Loved reading about your New Year's tradition!! I would def enjoy starting a tradition like that with my hubby! :) Glad to be your newest follower! :)

    Sailing into Second

  5. I definitely think we would have had a snow day if we weren't still on break. It's snowing everywhere! Enjoy your extra day :)


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