Friday, January 17, 2014

What About Math? 3 Great Math Resources You Can Use TODAY!

I have posted several blog posts about Reading and it's time for Math to get its fair shake! ;)

I have a math resource group in the afternoon consisting of one third grader, two fourth graders, and two fifth graders...all boys!  These guys have IEP goals in either math computation, math reasoning or math fluency (or some combination of the three).  I have found that the best way to accommodate the various needs and levels of the students in this group is to divide the 45 minutes I have with them into center type activities, with each "center" focused on what is on the students' IEPs.  Today I just want to share with you some great activities that I have found that meet the needs of my students and that you can get and put into practice immediately.

1.  Math Duel

A great app, Math Duel, is perfect for practicing math fluency.  This app is split screen app that pits one player against another (or can be played as a single player) to answer math fact questions.  You can customize the game to play any of the four mathematical operations.  In the picture above, you see two of my guys working on their multiplication facts.  I also allowed them to use a multiplication chart, but you can't see that in this picture, as they are just beginning to be fluent with multiplication facts beyond 2, 3, 5, and 10.  This app is available on the iTunes app store for $2.99.  I was lucky enough to download this for FREE during a promotion for the app.  Keep your eyes on it, because it may go free again.  I would still recommend it for the $2.99 price tag...totally worth it!  Especially for my guys that are obsessed with anything technology or iPad related!

2.  Money Essentials Bundle from Christine Reeve

If you are familiar with, Christine Reeves from Autism Classroom News, then you may already be familiar with this product.  I have a student really struggling with money and this pack is engaging and perfect for my student.  This activity uses tasks cards with coin values on one card and then a picture of something found in the grocery labeled with a price tag on another card.  The student counts the change, matches it with the food card, and then records the task card number on the tracking sheet.  This is giving my student great practice with a real world task, counting money amounts, and meeting the math reasoning goals on the IEP.  Perfect combination!!  I bought the bundle available at Christine's TPT store.  It includes this activity along with another Grocery Money Task Card activity and 3 more activities for the next dollar up activities!
Money Essentials Bundle for Special Education [Task Cards,

3.  Math Challenge Task Cards from Rachel Lynette

These amazing task cards are from the Task Card Queen, Rachel Lynette!  Each card has a challenging multi-step word problem.  For most of my centers, the students work alone or with a partner, but for this activity, I lead the activity.  These task cards are made for fourth, fifth and sixth grade, but they work well for my students when they are guided through the problem solving process (which all of my students have as a goal).  The problems are challenging and they are real world!  Perfect!  I have my students look for key words in the problems and use strategies, such as drawing a picture or diagram to solve the problems.  As a group of two, the students and I work completely through one problem during this activity.  These cards are great, because they are stretching my students to think mathematically to set up and solve the problem.  They are also great practice for the types of problems they will see on state testing.  No surprises when the end of the year comes and they have those incredibly hard math problems with five different steps...these guys will be prepared!  You  can get yours HERE or by clicking the photo below!
Math Word Problem Task Cards: 32 Multi-Step Story Problem Cards

Go try one of these resources today!  They are great products!!
What are your favorite math products?  Share with me in the comments!  I would love to hear about the things you can't live without!


  1. Thank you Kim for featuring my product! I am so glad it works for your guys!!! So cool to see it "in action!"
    Autism Classroom News

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    I LOVE your blog and have enjoy perusing it. You have been blogging much longer than I have. I LOVED the way your used Rachel Lynette's task cards with your resource kids. Great idea!
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    1. Thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comments! I would be honored for you to mention me in a blog post.


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