Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to School Blowout #1--UPDATE

A new school year is almost underway.  It is definitely hard to believe that is this time of year.  Doesn't it seem like a week in the summer goes by so much more quickly than a week, in say, October?  Nevertheless,  Back To School time is here.

During this summer, our school has been under construction and we have not been allowed in the building.  It is under strict lockdown!  :)  The happy face is because, that just gave me a reason NOT to go to the school and to NOT feel guilty about it.  I have spent hours searching for new behavior plans, social skills lessons, and pinning cute, new teaching ideas online, but I have not been in the building.  In fact, I can't even be back in the building until August 10.  Whew, talk about stressful!! Our kids come back on the 15th and everyone's classroom is covered in dust and dirt and all of our belongings are packed away in pods.  It is going to be crazy there in about a week!!  For now I am working on the "paperwork side" of special education.  If you know anything about spec. ed. then you know that over half of my job is paperwork.  

The first thing I do at the beginning of every school year is to get my Special Ed. Binder in order.  It includes:

1. Student data sheet
2. Parent contact sheet
3. IEP
4. Monitoring sheets

Student Data Sheet                    Parent Contact Sheet


I thought you might like to see a picture of my binder.  This is my binder from last year.  Nothing fancy, but extremely necessary. :)

Here is the data sheet from last year, so the one posted is update.  I like to keep the student data sheet in a page protector.  The page protector allows me to put notes from parents in behind the sheet.  The next sheet I have is the parent contact sheet, then IEP, and lastly monitoring.  This works for me, because everything for every kid is all in one place.  I also put stick on labels on each protector so I  can flip right to each kid's information.  I put the kids data sheets in by grade level and alphabetical order.

My New (School) Year Resolution is STAY ORGANIZED!  I always start out great, but when school really gets in full swing it becomes more difficult to stay on top of things.  This year I will do better!  My theory is if I write, then it is so!  Let's help keep each other accountable! :)

I am linking up with two great blogs: for their FREEBIE FRIDAY.  Download my free data sheets and let me know what you think! &  Cute new blog I have discovered and she is hosting a New School Year Resolution Linky Party!  Join in on the fun!

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  1. What a terrific freebie! Thank you for sharing this at TBA and linking up! I'm you newest follower & I would love you to follow me too!
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  2. Thanks for linking up to the resolutions party! It sounds like organization is at the TOP of everyone's list! Surely Pinterest is going to have the whole world organized soon, right? ;)

    Teaching Maddeness

    1. I think you are right! I just wish Pinterest could come up with a way to make me STAY organized! :)

  3. Hi,

    I found you through Friday Freebie! I teach special education too! I just posted 12 assessment tools I made for the new year that you may be interested in! Check it out!

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  4. Oh, this is genius!! Where was this post last year when I had an inclusion class?? I love it! I am definitely your newest follower.

    I nominated you for a few awards. :) Head over to this post to check it out! :)

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    1. Thanks for following! I am always glad to help a fellow teacher!!


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