Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 2 of Menu Mondays! & Monday Made It

I'm going in to week two of menu planning!  Last week was a success and I am ready to try some new meals this week!  I have to say that having a plan makes life after school so much easier.  I feel good about coming home and having everything planned out and ready to cook.  This week's menu is:

Pork Roast and Potatoes
Bacon Ranch Chicken Pasta
Buffalo Chicken Tacos
Apple Cider Pork Chops w/Rice
Pizza Casserole

These are all recipes I have found on Pinterest.  You can follow my "foodie" board here.  You will notice that most of it is desserts!  Don't judge me!  :)  This girl loves some sweets!  If you have any good MAIN COURSE recipes that aren't too difficult please leave me a comment and a recipe! ;) 

Now for some Monday Made It with 4th Grade Frolics!

Our school follows the CHAMPs procedures for school wide behavior management.  I developed CHAMPs procedures for my students to use when they need to cool down or take a time out. 

(Border by 3AM Teacher)

These items are referred to in the procedures:

C.O.P Notebook (Chill Out Plan)
I found a great idea here about a notebook of ideas that can help a student calm down.  I have not started my social skills group yet this year, but this will be first on our agenda.  The gist of this activity is for the student to make a list of ideas that would help that student "chill out" if they are angry or anxious.  The student will glue this list into the inside of a composition notebook that he/she will use to write or draw in during a cool down or break time.

Some suggestions for the list of "chill outs" are:
  • Imagine yourself on vacation
  • Take a deep breath and let it out like you are blowing up a balloon
  • Use a stress ball
  • Imagine yourself in the snow (the snow will cool you off when you are hot because you are mad)
  • Read
  • Listen to music
  • Draw
  • Count to ten
  • Break craft sticks (I liked this idea from the School Counselor Chronicles---sometimes we just have to get that aggression out)

    As soon as I get my classroom painted and the furniture organized (I am praying that will happen this week) I hope to get a cool down area set up.  I can't wait to have pictures to show you all of this in action!

    And finally...a little blog hoppin' with Blog Hoppin' & What the Teacher Wants

    1.  I want my classroom painted and organized.  The paint I can wait on, but living in the disorganization is killing me!

    2.  Some more cute sandals (with backs).  Read my Teacher Clothes post for that little fun bit!

    3.  An extra pair of hands to do all of the projects in my mind!!



    1. Hi Mrs. H! So glad to have found your blog! Well, technically you found me - thanks! I love the Champs book and program. My school uses their own program but was influenced by teachers who had used Champs. I can't wait to read more...I'm off to find your Teacher Clothes post!

    2. I really like the breaking craft stick idea! That's a creative way to get rid of that aggressive energy!

      - Sasha
      The Autism Helper

      1. I thought that was pretty genius too! So simple yet a new idea to me.


    Your comments make me smile! :)