Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Word Work Wednesday

Welcome back to Word Work Wednesday!  I had a couple of link ups last week and I was so excited.  I have tried some link ups in the past, but this was the first one that I had some participation in! Yippee!  Here is this week's word work:


Isn't it amazing that teachers can walk into just about any store and find something to create a lesson or activity?  So, can you guess where I went with my husband last weekend?  If you guessed Lowes, you got it!  This one is so simple and has does double duty!  This one is great for word work (of course), fine motor skills, and a good fidget for those that can't keep still!  

Here's what I did:
1.  Go to <insert fave hardware store>
2.  Purchase a few bolts and a box of nuts (these are 3/4")
3.  Write the alphabet on the nuts.  I wrote the alphabet 3 times and the letter R, S, T, L, N, and all of the vowels a few extra times.  I wrote the letters on each side of nut so when you twist the nut on the bolt it doesn't matter what side it ends up on your letters will line up.
4.  Have the student grab their word list and get to work!
5.  This activity was kid-tested and teacher approved!   My daughter (fourth grade) and my son (Kindergarten) loved this activity!

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  1. I LOVE this idea:) I'm going to pin it so I can remember it during the school year! I'd love to link up, but I don't have any good pictures of my word work activities. Is this a linky you plan to do weekly throughout the school year?

    We are ALL Special!

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  2. Great! I do plan on doing this throughout the school year! Get your camera ready for some linkage!! ;)

  3. Oh, I love it!!! This is so clever! :)


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