Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Technology Tip Tuesday!

Here are my tips for integrating technology into your classroom:

1.  Follow Smart Apps for Kids.  They have a daily free app as well as lists and reviews of other great apps for the iPad and iPhone.  They also sponsor app giveways almost daily and they have great apps to give away.  Last week I downloaded a great AAC app that is regularly $30, but was free for one hour!  Love it!

2.  Don't be afraid to give your kids the computer.  I had a student last year that refused to work (most of the time), but if I let him use the computer to complete his work then he would complete work.  He knew more about the computer and what it could do than I do (and I have an AT degree!) :)

3. Follow Free Technology for Teachers.  This site sometimes has pretty high tech programs to introduce us to,  but they are great.  It is all of the lastest and greatest out there on the world wide web. Free Technology for Teachers

4.  I am dying to try to make some QR code activities!  I found this blog with some great QR code activities for math.  I found a way to do this...now just to make some cool lesson to go with it!  Stay tuned for that.  I am way excited about this one!

5.  And...you can find of my favorite "tech-y" things on my "This make me Appy" Pinterest board!  Follow!! :)



  1. I love Smart Apps for Kids!! I have found so many great apps from there!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

    1. Me too! I download something new at least a few times a week.



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