Friday, August 24, 2012

Behavior Clip Chart for Resource or Intervention Rooms (FREEBIE)

Many teachers in my building use the clip chart system for behavior management.  I really like this system and the kids seem to respond well to it.  I like how some teachers have modified it so the students can "clip up" and "clip down."

When you teach in a resource room, like I do for part of the day, it can sometimes be difficult to have a classroom management system that can carry back into their regular classroom.  So, yesterday, I was chatting with our math interventionist and she put a great little spin on the clip chart so that it will work  in her room and transfer back to the students' homerooms.

She has five levels on her clip chart.  All clips start on ready to learn (of course).  The students have a chance to clip up twice.  At the first clip up they receive a stamp on their 5 frame for the day and at the second clip up they receive a prize.  The first clip down is a warning and the second clip down (this is the spin on the "regular clip system") means they have to move their clip in their homeroom.  I totally loved this idea and told her I was going to steal it!!  She was totally okay with that!

My chart, inspired, by my friend and math interventionist is linked below.  Click on the picture for the PDF.  If you have trouble, just leave a comment and I can email it to you as well.

All Graphics (borders) came from 3AM Teacher.  Please go to her website to find wonderful (free) borders, backgrounds, and clipart!

And here it is, all laid out in my office floor, awaiting trimming, laminating and mounting!  

I cannot wait to get this hanging in my newly painted room!  The painting began last night and feel like it is the day before school starts (yet we've been in session for over a week now)!  Ready to organize my (school) life!  For real!!! :)

I also love her five frames reward system.  If the students follow procedures that day and appropriately participate they get a stamp in one box of a five frame.  The five frames are labeled with student names and kept in library pockets for easy access on a bulletin board.  The five frames allow her to teach with her reward system.  They can learn what goes together to make five, how to count by fives, groups of fives, and on and on!  She is so smart! 
The rewarding part is:  if the five frame is filled at the end of the week the student can pick a small prize.  When the student reaches 5 full 5 frames the student gets a special treat, such as eat with a friend in my room at lunch, listen to special music, pick a game to play, and so on!

If you scroll to the bottom there will be blank frames.  I shrunk mine so they would fit in the library pockets.  Again, I can't wait to show you pics!!  

Enjoy!  And Happy, Happy Friday!!


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  1. I often wondered how to work with behavior in the Reading Center. Thanks for the idea!

    I found your blog through the Blog Hop and am your newest follower. Stop by and visit anytime!

    Reading Toward the Stars!

    1. You're welcome! I always struggled with trying to have something consistent with the classroom. Some teachers move cards, others move clips, etc. It just becomes hard to keep up with when you are not in their room all day long. Thankfully all of my kids teachers do the clip system, so this is going to work well for my resource groups! Glad you could use it too!


  2. Thanks for the behavior clip charts I know they will work well for my first graders.
    Sharon T. FL


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