Friday, August 3, 2012

New House Decorations!

New house...check
Decorated main living area...check
Internet hooked up...check
Pictures posted for your viewing pleasure...check!
School related posts...I'm getting to it...stay tuned for a Back To School Post Blowout starting tonight!!!

Before I get back into full school mode, I thought my loyal readers would like an update of how our house is coming along!  I am still loving it!

New house number!

Living room

Dining room

Dine-in Kitchen area/Breakfast area

Standing in kitchen looking back toward living room

My coffee area!  Very important!! I ♥ Keurig!
More pictures will be coming of the other areas of the house.  Right now, there are lots of boxes and little decoration in other rooms of the house!  

I hope you enjoy the house shots.  My hopes for this blog is for it to become more about me, lots of teaching ideas, and just fun for all of  you to read.  I hope I can share some ideas that will inspire you, whether it is for your home or your classroom!



  1. Thanks for following me! I love finding other special ed blogger/teachers! Your blog has a lot of good resources! I love your angry bird management activities! I'm your newest follower, I can't wait to see more of your blogs!
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